BK Jayanti Kirpalani

Director for Europe and Middle East of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) and their NGO Representative to the United Nations, Geneva.
As an emissary for peace, Sister Jayanti has a vision and experience that is truly global and deeply spiritual. She is currently the Director of the International Co-ordinating Office of the Brahma Kumaris (BK) in London at Global Co-operation House, of the Global Retreat Centre in Oxfordshire and of BK Centres in over 31 countries in Europe and Middle East. Together with this she assists with the overall co-ordination of the organization’s activities in more than 100 countries outside India.

Mike George

Mike is a New York Times bestselling author of twelve books on how to expand, deepen and fine-tune your self-awareness and thereby restore the true nature of your 'being' which is peaceful, loving and contented. He illustrates how you can never permanently lose your authentic self or your true nature, only block it, sabotage it and avoid it. Any moments of stress, suffering or sorrow, are symptoms of such a 'temporary' loss.
Mike talks, teaches and tutors across the world on topics such as self-management, emotional resilience, liberating leadership, difficult conversations and 'continuous unlearning'.

Arun Jain

Arun Jain founded Polaris, a Global Leader in the Financial Technology space, and is privileged to have won the trust of leading Banks and financial institutions in the global arena, including 9 of the top 10 global Banks and 7 of the top 10 global Insurance companies. Polaris was rated Forbes' 'Best Under a Billion Company'. Arun is a passionate advocate of ordinary people coming together to do extraordinary things, with a subconscious alignment for a larger purpose. He founded the Ullas Trust to integrate Polaris employees with the larger community. The Trust has awarded over 36,000 scholarships to students in Government and Corporation Schools in India.

Dr. Kiranmai

Dr. Kiranmai is Corporate VP HRD, Greater Asia at AMD. Prior to joining AMD, Kiranmai worked with the Indian School of Business as Associate Director, Center for Leadership, Innovation and Change, and prior to that was the VP, HR with Knoah Solutions. Earlier, she spent many years in the academic world as Assistant Professor at Central Institute of English & Foreign Languages and Osmania University. Dr. Kiranmai has a PHD with a specialization in business communication and is currently pursuing second doctorate in Organizational Behavior from XLRI. She is actively associated with various professional bodies. She has published academic papers, poems, and co-authored several books on communication (prescribed text books across multiple universities in India).

Nilima Bhat

Nilima Bhat is co-author of ‘My Cancer is Me – The journey from Illness to Wholeness’. Her new book, Shakti Leadership - Embracing Feminine & Masculine Power in Business, with Raj Sisodia (best-selling co-author of Conscious Capitalism), is due in April 2016.
As a founder-director of Roots & Wings, a Leadership Consultancy ( and Sampurnah - The Wholeness Practice (, she facilitates personal transformation, gender reconciliation and diversity and inclusion. She has 24+ years of global corporate experience and consciousness-based health and growth training.

Raghu Ananthanarayanan

A post-Graduate in Engineering from IIT Madras, Raghu has developed a unique methodology called “Totally Aligned Organization” and a model called the “Tensegrity Mandala” that brings together his understanding of Yoga, Human Processes and Manufacturing Systems, for personal unfolding and organizational transformation. He has pioneered the use of vernacular theatre and the Mahabharata in experiential learning. He has published many books as well as papers in reputed journals.


Conference is on March 19, 2016
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Madras Management Association, Chennai

MMA has striven for Management expertise that can synthesize Indian ethos with international Management thought and techniques. With its over 3300 members, it forms a pool of expertise and resources for the comprehensive development of all Management disciplines in the country.

Over the past 5 decades, MMA has striven for development and nurturing management expertise, combining Indian ethos with International Management thoughts and practices. MMA has grown to be the largest affiliate of All India Management Association (AIMA) and has emerged as an inspiring role model for other Local Management Associations (LMA) in the country. In recognition of its excellent all round activities in propagating the message of professional management in all facets of business, commercial and industrial activity, MMA has emerged as the winner of AIMA Best LMA Award for 1997-98, and for five successive years from 2001-2006.

Brahma Kumaris

Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, (Brahma Kumaris in short) is a unique, spiritual, value-based educational institution. The Vidyalaya and two institutions created by it, namely Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation, and Brahma Kumaris Academy for a Better World, are dedicated to the goal of establishing a value-based society. They focus on development of human potential, bringing harmony into human relationships and changing the attitudes and outlook of people to promote the spirit of brotherhood, love and co-operation.


Searce is a cloud and analytics led business transformation company. It's mission is to create innovative products, improve business processes and deliver transformation.

Searce specialities include logistics analytics, business dashboards, helping companies with go-to-cloud strategy & cloud enablement. Searce has significant domain expertise and proprietary solutions for logistics, e-commerce and freight forwarding companies. They are a team of improvement enthusiasts who are passionate about identifying better ways of doing things!

Hyderabad Software Exporters Association (HYSEA)

Hyderabad as the leading intellectual capital of the world, HYSEA holds activities to achieve global excellence in IT products and services by nurturing entrepreneurship, research and innovation.


TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) is a nonprofit trade group dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship. It sponsors the TiECON annual conference for entrepreneurs from technology companies, venture capital firms, and service providers.


India has earned itself a reputation of an IT superpower. Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) has played a seminal role in accomplishing this status. Today, STPIs across over the country are synonymous with excellent Infrastructure and Statutory support aimed at furthering growth of Information Technology in the country. It is a society set up by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India in 1991, with the objective of encouraging, promoting and boosting the Software Exports from India.

CXO - An Empowering Dialogue...

Creating Structures of Wellness in Organizations

Recognizing the need for promoting Wellness in a holistic manner in the IT companies, we are organizing a half-day CXO Dialogue, exclusively for CXOs/decision-makers limited to a 70 participants, by invitation only. This group of like-minded Leaders, which includes decision makers from Amdocs, Zensar, Infosys, TCS, Cognizant, Barclays and many other leading IT organizations, will be in dialogue about creating structures of wellness for employees and the organizations they lead.


       to our civilization. It has also been the cause of several social problems previously unknown to man. IT professionals are at the center-stage of experiencing both these extremes offered by technology.
Although the IT industry has been hugely rewarding financially, the intangible rewards of happiness and contentment have not
Many in the industry feel this trajectory is not sustainable and there needs to be a shift ... real soon. The SPIR-IT Summit is created to shift the focus back to the human beings, instead of the human doings.
Led by world-renowned experts in the fields of Health, Leadership, Psychology, Medicine and Consciousness, you will come away with personal strategies to bring about a greater sense of fulfillment and empowerment in your life.


During a tour of the Shantisarovar Retreat Center

       the IT Minister of Telangana, KT Rama Rao Jr, was inspired by the Spirituality in IT (SIT) retreats that had been going on for over 3 years.

Upon his request and with the support of HYSEA (Hyderabad Software Exporters Associations),

the Brahma Kumaris have created SPIR-IT Summit at the intersection of Leadership-Technology-Consciousness; the first of its kind in India.